Facebook’s Graph Search for iOS:

My personal concept for Facebooks new Graph Search for their iOS App. It’s supposed to me intuitive and super easy to use.

1. This would be the way to get to “Graph Search” from the News Feed or any other place on the App. You just push the little magnifying glass on the bottom until a small arrow appears. Then you swipe up and the “Graph Search Home Menu” appears.

2. This is the “Graph Search Home Page/Menu”. You just tap the magnifying glass and start typing. It’s that simple.

3. An example for a “Photo Search” like “pictures taken by my friends in California”. After you hit “Search” on your keyboard the sentence you typed in flows to the top and your results show underneath. That simple.

4. “Places Search”. Works the exact same way as the “Photo Search”.

5. The “Search Bar” in the “Home Menu” has disappeared.

Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this! This is JUST A CONCEPT IDEA!

Copyrights by Sebastian Metel / Tasty Bird 2013!